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Every one of our customers has a consideration for cost, budgets and timescales.  Oakwood Solutions will ensure you receive the best pricing, service and support available for your chosen solution.


For those companies looking for 'off the shelf' solutions, until we speak with you, the one thing that we cannot easily determine is how much discount you are entitled to.


Discounts can usually be applied to all of the following criteria :-


  Market Sector - Charity, NHS, Government, Education, etc
  Volume - The more you need, the less you pay
  Renewals - Simply by renewing with us
  Product Suites - Buy multiple products
  Upgrades - Upgrading from an old product version
  Competitive Upgrades - Trading in your old redundant system
  Supplier Promotions - These apply throughout the year
  Oakwood Promotions - These apply throughout the year
  Pro-Forma Payments - On larger deals & projects
  On-Line Deliveries - Download & avoid postage & packaging
  Our Strategy - We want your business


All customers receive our highest attention to pricing which is why we have so many satisfied customers.


We are not a high pressure sales organisation so if all you need is rough figures for your budget, no problem, simply let us know what you need.  We are happy to help you.  Take a moment to send us an email with your requirements or call us now on 01922 645 400.



Are you wasting your time.


No, not at all.  Oakwood Solutions achieve Premier or Gold Partner pricing for almost all of our products and solutions.  Premier Level means that no other supplier in the UK has a higher discount structure than us.


Please let us know what you need and we will contact you as requested....


Call Us or Send us an email to





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