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 Email Archiving
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Email Archiving

Oakwood provide two partners for Email Archiving:-

  • Hosted Services - You set the policies, we do the rest.  No Hardware, No Software, No Maintenance, 24/7/365 support.

  • Hardware On-Premise - Dedicated hardened appliances with high availability and next day replacement option.

Hosted Service






  • Highly secure, resilient, bottomles email storage

  • All stored data is encrypted

  • Datra stored in defined, appropriate jurisdictions

  • Unique integration with Outlook

  • Near real-time organisation-wide search

  • Granular litigation hold functionality

  • 100% Service availability SLA

  • No additional on-premise hardware required

Hardware On Premise

  • Comprehensive Archiving

  • Exchange Stubbing

  • Search and retrieval

  • Policy Management

  • Intelligent Storage Manager

  • Rolls Based Interface

  • Reporting and Statistics


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